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Cacao of excellence

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In August 2022 we received the opportunity to partecipate in the Cacao of Excellence contest in Costa Rica, this contest looks for cacao farmers who conserve, diversify and work in order to obtain the best cacao beans. The program Cocoa of Excellence was established in 2009 to safeguard the diversity of cacao flavors and improve the farmers’ lifestyle through the high quality of cacao origins.This program is the entry point for all cacao producers who want to partecipate it the International Cocoa Awards, the world famous contest which celebrates the quality and flavors of cacao produced all over the world.

After sending our cacao and bean samples for evaluation to certify physical and sensory qualities and after a tasting process, we obtained in march 2023 the award of Cacao of Excellence Costa Rica 2022.

This opened the possibility for us to participate at the International Cocoa contest,  where we have been selected as one of the top 50 cacaos in the world over the 222 samples participating in the contest. At CHOCOA trade show and chocolate festival in Amsterdam during Cocoa week 2024, we have been announced as GOLD WINNER for our region (Central America and carribean), and presented to the world as one of the best cacao in the entire planet.

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