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We are focused in the production of cacao and chocolate " from tree to bar" 100% artesanal, organic, biodynamic and Costa Rican, through productive and modern strategies.

We have been investing in our own cacao production for more than a decade, in efforts to guarantee the high quality standard of our raw material.

We believe in a world that is fair, healthy and beautiful. Because of these beliefs we strive to follow a path that aligns with our values, while producing with our sweet, sensual and delicious cacao and chocolates.

Our respect for nature and the environment reflects in our agroforestry techniques, reducing to a minimum  the use of products and preferring the biodiversity as the best means for earth prosperity and association the results of quality cacao. We don't use herbicides.

We practices fair commerce and understand our agricultural staff are the pillars of our business, the ones that care and ensure our cacao is of excellent quality.

We aim to expand to the national market in the coming years, which we consider ready to appreciate the superiority of our chocolates compared to imported or industrial chocolates.

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