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Marcoco Chocolate
a passionate project

MARCOCO is the name of the brand of the artisanal chocolate Grand Cru of Trinitario cocoa, selected in our farms and produced entirely in Costa Rica.

From tree to bar is the concept followed by Marco Corsetti who has dedicated body and soul to cultivating this cacao and its transformation to the final product: chocolate bars of excellent quality. Dedicated to sustainable practices using only raw materials strictly organic and biodynamic.

Our farm on the Caribbean slopes of the Guanacaste Volcano Mountain range, benefit from the climate and humidity which is ideal for cultivating cacao. A total of 50 acres cultivated with specific genetics of the Trinitario cacao, which includes strong aromas and flavors to produce a chocolate of very high quality for the gourmet market sector.

The control of the entire cycle is key to obtaining the quality of our products, the artisanal elaboration requires passion and knowledge to create a unique chocolate, something special and recognizable.

Our facilitase process and package our products with great care and optimal sanitary conditions. We ship countrywide!

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